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Tacurong Women Achievers 2021 – Frontliner Edition recognized

Lauded for their indomitable spirit of service amid the COVID-19 crisis, 3 women frontliners, each representing a sector, were awarded as this year’s Tacurong Women Achievers by the City of Tacurong Council for the Development of Women (CTCDW) and LGU-Tacurong, December 15, 2021, at Angel’s Food and Palomado Speech Complex.

From the group of Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT), Amie G. Malinao of Brgy. Buenaflor emerged as one of the Frontliner Women Achievers, commended on how she balanced her day-to-day duties from being a wife to being a mother of 7 offspring to rendering volunteer work as a BPAT in their barangay especially during the pandemic.

Lily L. Porcal, a Daycare Worker from Upper Katungal was also acknowledged for the distinction of having served as a teacher for 33 years. Lily, at 70 years old, still managed to bring fun and educational activities to her pupils.

Completing the set of awardees, a Barangay Health Worker (BHW) from New Isabela, Eillien A. Cordova, was also honored. Despite being an elder at risk of COVID, Lily braved the dangers of the virus just to deliver her duties as BHW.

Each of the 3 Women Achievers took home a Plaque of Recognition, 10 thousand cash, one 25-kilo sack of rice, a bouquet, and a cake.

To further applaud the winners, as well as the other women in the venue, City Councilor Lina O. Montilla articulated her message of uplifting her fellows.

Councilor Lina recalled her first time running for the mayoralty post in 2010 and being one of 3 female candidates that time, her dissenters critically persuade the masses to not vote for her because “she is a woman” – a belief Councilor Lina strongly disagreed with.

According to her, the weight of one’s capability is not determined by gender.

11 years later, Lina completed her 3 terms as a mayor and is now back as a councilor.

Moreover, City Vice Mayor Lalaine J. Montilla also stressed that other than the women owning their womanhood and the strength that comes with it, the success of each endeavor also lies with the unity that they can harness together.

This is the third time the LGU and CTCDW have recognized Women Achievers in Tacurong on different occasions – the first one being in December 2020 for the marginalized women and the second instance was last March 2021 for the Most Functional Violence Against Women (VAW) Desk In-Charge. (DECostas, LGU-TacInformation)

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Tacurong hails 4 women achievers

Shedding light to the triumphant stories of marginalized women, four (4) ladies of various vocations were hailed as Tacurong Women Achievers by the City of Tacurong Council for the Development of Women (CTCDW) for their remarkable contribution to their families and communities, December 7, 2020.

After a thorough screening done by the CTCDW to thirteen (13) nominees from four categories, the women who emerged as most deserving of the recognition were: Merlina Caspillo, a volunteer worker; Sonia Libres, a housemaid; Melejenda Portuito, a farmer; and Jocelyn Libo-on, a Person with Disability (PWD).

Their challenges in life didn’t set them back from reaching greater heights. Through their dedication and perseverance, the four awardees manifested better lives. Now, most of their children are established professionals such as seafarers, teachers and police officers.

“These days, we are able to eat right or even more than enough, unlike before,” Sonia Libres told the audience through a video presentation.

Out of the four winners, Jocelyn Libo-on was the only remaining single lady. Libo-on had her right eye visually impaired in an accident, making her a PWD but even so, her time and effort were devoted towards the community and fellow PWDs as a president of the Women with Disability Federation.

City Mayor Angelo O. Montilla congratulated the achievers and further acknowledged the significant roles of women in the society and in their family especially as wives to their partners. In his message, he underlined that the women achievers’ success stories should set a precedent to other women to pursue and achieve greatness barring the gender prejudices.

Also present in the awarding ceremony at the Tacurong City Cultural and Sports Center were City Councilor David Salazar, City First Lady Cora Montilla, CTCDW Chaiperson Janet Collado and Vice Chairperson Susie Daza, and the representatives of the academe and other organizations.

The four winners each received Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000) cash prize, one sack of rice, a plaque of recognition, and a bouquet of flowers.

The Tacurong Women Achievers award was a nod to the National Women’s Month last March 2020 aiming the continuous empowerment of women as catalysts of change and active contributors in the society. (DEC, LGUTac-Info)

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