LGU Tacurong installs more street lights along national road

Recently widened stretch of national highway in Tacurong City will soon be engulfed with solar-powered lights as the city government continues to prioritize putting up of street lights.

After two months of being held in abeyance due to force majeure situation that is the COVID-19 pandemic, the city government has finally completed another solar-powered street lights project.

The P2 million worth of street lights, lined up along national highway from rotunda going to the area in front of Dragon Complex, is composed of 19 street lights powered by solar panels, inbuilt battery, LED lights, and smart sensors, all integrated into a single compact unit.

The project was supposed to be completed in March but quarantine restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic had compelled the contractor to invoke force majeure principle to justify the delay in project completion.

Force majeure or fortuitous event is an unforeseeable circumstance that prevents someone from fulfilling a contract, and in this case, the street lights project.

Meanwhile, the City Engineering Office reported that after a dry run, luminosity concerns on some of the LED lights were observed and the supplier has already vowed to make replacements within this week.

Mayor Angelo ‘Roncal’ Montilla was informed by the Engineering Office that all street lights are expected to be at full blast next week.

In first quarter of this year or prior to the implementation of General Community Quarantine guidelines, the first P2 million street lights project of the city government had already been completed. The project site was situated in the area along national highway from rotunda going to Barangay San Pablo.

Moreover, Mayor Montilla said that another P2 million street lights project is now up for bidding. The site of the project is from national highway junction going to Barangay Upper Karungal passing through San Pedro Calungsod Parish.

In his first State of the City Address in January this year, Mayor Montilla pledged that solar-powered street lights will be a priority of his administration.

He said that for 2019 and 2020, the city government has a total budget allocation of P16 million for solar-powered street lights in various locations of the city, majority of which are to be installed within the central business district.

“I plan to allocate additional funds aside from the current budget that we have and we also sent request to national agencies for financial augmentation on this priority project”, Montilla said.

The mayor’s plan is to overwhelm the central business district of the city with solar-powered lights before the end of his term of office. (ASFreno, LGU Information)

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