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Tacurong City to start Busog Lusog Talino Year 4; welcomes new school partner

One hundred twenty days of healthy and free lunch for schoolchildren in Tacurong City will start on August 30, 2016 under the Busog Lusog Talino School Feeding Program or BLT.

School Year 2016-2017 is the fourth year of BLT implementation in Tacurong. To mark this milestone, the City Government decided to adopt a new school for BLT—the Lancheta-Magallon Elementary School in Barangay Lancheta.

LMES is the new addition to the BLT family previously composed of six elementary schools: Dr. Manuel Griño Memorial Central School in Brgy. Griño; Tina Elementary School in Brgy. Tina; J. Hector Lacson Elementary School in Brgy. Calean; Ma. Montilla Memorial Elementary School in Brgy. EJC Montilla; Josue Alcasid Central School in Brgy. Baras; and Lourdes Pama Elementary School in Brgy. Rajah Muda. In each school, 40 undernourished children will be fed for 120 school days.

In preparation for the new BLT year, the LGU had conducted food safety seminars for parents and food handlers in each of the seven schools from August 23-30, 2016.

In the last three years, Jollibee Group Foundation and LGU-Tacurong engaged in cost-sharing scheme to sustain BLT in the city. “This year, only the city government will fund the BLT implementation in the seven schools,” according to Mayor Lina Montilla.  “We want to continue BLT because we have seen good results. This is our own little way of helping the Department of Education in reducing dropout rates,” the mayor added.

Busog Lusog Talino School Feeding Program in the City of Tacurong is also supported by private and civic organizations. By Jez Billano-Fabreag

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Busog Lusog Talino schools undergo monitoring, evaluation

Proper food handling. Feeding procedure. Sustainability.

These are among the factors evaluated by the Busog Lusog Talino (BLT) LGU Core Team in six schools under the daily lunch feeding program from January 12 to 19 in the City of Tacurong.

The core group, with City Sanitation Inspector Marlow Anthony Buenacosa, inspected cooking and feeding facilities to ensure that food served in each school is clean and safe. Pre and post-feeding procedures were also evaluated including proper hand-washing, serving, and restoration.


According to BLT Team Leader and Councilor Psyche Sucaldito, the team used the BLT FAC Standards Form for monitoring and evaluation. FAC stands for Food Safety & Quality; Accountability; and Community Ownership.

BLT pupils’ height and weight were also measured to monitor their progress. Body mass indices are measured regularly during the 120-day feeding cycle.

Co-sponsored by the Jollibee Group Foundation and LGU-Tacurong City, BLT is now on its third year of implementation in the city. It feeds a total of 240 undernourished pupils with the aim of enhancing decreasing drop-outs and enhancing academic performance. (LGU-Tacurong City Information)
(Jez Billano-Fabreag, LGU- Information)

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