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Agri Services Offices ushers “insects vs insect” approach to Hybrid Rice Farming in Brgy. New Passi

To incrementally ebb away from the presence of harmful chemical insecticides in Hybrid Rice Farming, the Office for the Agricultural Services of Tacurong has introduced to farmers in Brgy. New Passi the use of Biological Control Agents (Bio-con Agents) – an organic means of pest control with the aid of living organisms such as insects.
On a Field Day in the said site, Thursday, January 27, 2022, Rice Coordinator Amie D. Tomala elucidated this newly presented method of farming, citing that other than the use of chemical insecticides, there is a safe yet effective way of reducing the existence of pests by freeing their natural bug-eating enemy insects in the rice field.
One prime example of the Bio-con Agents is the Trichogramma japonicum, a tiny wasp best for targeting the eggs and larvae of rice stem borer.
Moreover, utilizing Biological Controls Agents does not only limit to releasing insects but also to cultivating pathogens such as fungi – e.g. Metarhizium – that directly cause diseases, not to the rice plant, but to the detrimental insect population.
Arnel A. Janoto, Farmer Cooperator in New Passi, is one of the pioneering farmers who have already tested the efficacy of the Bio-con Agents. According to him, it is not only safe for humans and plants but also for the “kaibigang kulisap” or beneficial insects in agriculture.
Arnel is on track to harvesting his rice plants with anticipation of a quality yield.
In support of the undertaking, City Councilor Lina O. Montilla graced the event in lieu of City Mayor Lino O. Montilla.
Councilor Lina conveyed that to further bolster the usage of Bio-con Agents in the city, the local government, through the Agri Services Office, is already on its way to opening its own building and laboratory for the cultivation and reproduction of the Bio-con Agent Trichogramma japonicum that will be widely distributed to the farmers in Tacurong for free.
Spearheading the activity, Agriculturist II Juliet S. Daut also stressed that this is just one move of their office to alleviate incurring additional expenses to the farmers from buying chemical insecticides by providing them with alternative farming techniques. (DEC, LGU-TacInfo)
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