Being in the public service for more than two decades, Mayor Lino Montilla is widely touted as a seasoned public servant. He started his foray in politics in 1995 when he won as Vice Mayor of the then municipality of Tacurong and, carrying the people’s mandate, held on to the position for two terms. In 2001, a year after Tacurong’s cityhood, Mayor Lino got the distinction as the first elected city mayor of Tacurong. In just his first three years in office as local chief executive, he was already able to carve his name in local history as one of the best-performing mayors Tacurong has ever had.

It was under Mayor Lino’s term when Tacurong mainstreamed the concept of environmental governance through the establishment of the Materials Recovery Facility, the first in Mindanao. Few years later, Tacurong made another pioneering venture on environmental governance by establishing a Category 2 Sanitary Landfill, also the first in Mindanao.

Meanwhile, by concretizing his vision of barangay empowerment, he initiated the implementation of the P2 million City Aid to the Barangays Project. Under this unique and innovative project, each of the 20 barangays in Tacurong City, regardless of political affiliation, will enjoy P2 million every year to be used primarily for construction of farm to market roads and other development projects in the countryside. For eight years since 2002, the LGU was able to funnel P320 million to the 20 barangays that paved way to their implementation of huge development programs and projects in the countryside.



The city’s milestones in local governance led to the conferment of Kaagapay Excellence Award to Tacurong City by the Canada-Philippines Local Government support Program in 2004, the highest award given to LGU partners during the time. From the words of Canadian Field Program Manager Marion Maceda Villanueva, she stated: “Tacurong is really a Kaagapay or a guide that can show other LGUs the way to go in certain areas of governance. Mayor Lino Montilla is a leader who really knows his job.”


In 2019 local elections, he got a landslide victory when he ran as vice mayor in tandem with his brother Angelo ‘Roncal’ Montilla who also won the mayoralty seat. The two brothers worked and achieved several milestones even with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But putting their lives on the line had been costly. Former Mayor Roncal succumbed to and died from COVID-19. Mayor Lino took over the reins of leadership on June 7 with a promise to continue what his brother had started.


With the city and the whole country still grappling with the impact of the pandemic, Mayor Lino is up to the huge challenge of being at the helm in the battle against COVID-19.

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