Tacurong City grand stand

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In 2016, LGU Tacurong was awarded the coveted Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) award conferred by the Department of Interior Local Government.

Along with the accolade is a P3.4 million Performance Challenge Fund, an incentive in the form of financial grant to be used for local development projects.

Two years later, the City Government has a brand new grandstand to show for it.

The construction began in 2017 with a Php7.7 million counterpart from the LGU.

The grandstand was used during the Talakudong Festival in September 2018 albeit partially completed.

This Inugyunay Festival, the grandstand together with its bigger, wider stage is complete and is being fully utilized for the festivities.(YMR, LGUTac-Info)

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