New Carmen

Barangay New Carmen is located 2.5 kilometers at the southern flank of the city proper. It is bounded in the south by Barangay San Pablo, and in the west by Barangay Calean and New Isabela. It is traversed by National Highway going to Koronadal City. It has an area of 289, 000 hectares  and is comprised of 7 Puroks.

Barangay New Carmen has a total population of 2, 780, with 571 households broken down by Puroks.

Majority or 32.52% of the residents non-agricultural, skilled (non-office)workers; 22.17% are in the agricultural sector or laborers; 12.14% are in clerical admin/sales (office workers); 11.49% are non-a0gricultural entrepreneurs; 9.06% are professional/technical property owners; 6.8% are in agricultural (fishing and forestry); and 3.07% are agricultural operators (include fishing). Others are non-agricultural entrepreneurs and property owners.

Ilonggos (45.81%) dominate the area,  followed by Ilocanos (33.81%), Cebuano (10.81%), Tagalog (5.41%), Maguindanao (2.38%), Maranao (0.84%), Teruray (0.30%), and B’laan (0.25%).

Description Area(Hectares)
Total Land Area  289
Agricultural 201
Industrial 24
Residential 50
Government Structures and Utilities 5
Institutional, Commercial, and Recreatonal Use 10
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