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As Zuellig Family Foundation and Nutrition International wrap up their nutrition program partnership with the Local Government Unit of Tacurong, Mayor Lino Montilla conveyed to the the two institutions his gratitude for leading the way in the LGU’s attainment of a sound nutrition governance.
Mayor Montilla relayed his message during the virtual Closeout Activity on September 30 that marked the end of ZFF-NI’s support to the City Nutrition Governance Program of Tacurong.
The closeout activity was attended by members of City Nutrition Councils of ZFF-NI’s three pilot cities in the country: Tacurong, Tagum, and Puerto Prinsesa.
In his virtual message, Mayor Montilla said that his engagement with the nutrition governance program led to his transformation as a bridging leader.
“My deep dive activities in the community provided me with the real picture of problems and challenges faced by our program beneficiaries”, he said.

Meanwhile, serving as starting point of a transition period, the closeout activity solicited discussions on the successes, remaining challenges, and lessons learned during the duration of the LGU’s engagement with ZFF-NI.
Tacurong City Nutrition Action Officer Rogelio Garcia presented the city’s huge positive turnaround in nutrition governance.

During the activity, the CNC also crafted an action plan that aims to address the gaps and risks in sustaining the nutrition program.

The City Nutrition Governance Program is anchored on the framework of the newly enacted First 1,000 Days Law or Republic Act 11148 that aims to take care of the health and nutrition of pregnant women beginning from their conception until their babies reach the age of two years.

The program basically aims to dramatically reduce the number of stunting and wasting among children in the pilot cities.

ZFF-NI’s engagement with Tacurong City started during the incumbency of former Mayor Lina Montilla and continued during the term of the late Mayor Angelo ‘Roncal’ Montilla.

Former Mayor Roncal pledged to put his mayoralty on the line in the fight against malnutrition, and he was able to see the success of the program before his passing.

Current Mayor Lino Montilla promised to continue what his predecessors had started. (ASFreno, LGU Information)
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