Makasining Lahi participates in HIV-AIDS awareness seminar

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20 December 2013 –Members of the Makasining Lahi ng Tacurong (below) listen to LGU Sanitary Inspector Marlow Buenacosa (above)as he explains the symptoms of various sexually-transmitted diseases during the HIV-AIDS Awareness Seminar. Buenacosa included STDs in his talk that focused on how to prevent HIV-AIDS. He stressed that there are only three ways to acquire HIV [and that there is no known cure for the disease so far]: penetrative sexual contact; blood and blood products; and mother to child transmission. An increasing number of HIV cases in the region have been noted. However, there has been no documented case in Tacurong. Gender and Development (GAD) focal person Nancy Bawe reminded the participants that “it is our primary duty to take care and protect ourselves,” regardless of our gender preference. Awareness seminars were conducted this year among various sectors in the city as part of the LGU’s GAD advocacy. LGU-Tacurong, with the gay community, organized the Makasining Lahi ng Tacurong to empower the LGBT sector in the city. 

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