LPRAT Formulate 2017 BUB Projects in Workshop

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The Local Poverty Reduction Action Team (LPRAT) of Tacurong held a Local Poverty Reduction Action Plan (LPRAP) workshop at Jim’s Place II on November 18, 2015. Facilitated by the City Government of Tacurong and the DILG, the said workshop aimed to identify Bottom Up Budgeting projects for 2017.

Participants for the LPRAP included representatives from the different national government agencies and LPRAT, whose members are composed of 50% representation from the Civil Society Organization (CSO) and 50% from the government.

During the workshop, poverty indicators in the city were presented so as to help the members identify properly the BUB projects that would best help the marginally poor constituents. The poverty indicators identified malnourished children, out of school youth, informal settlers; indigents without access to safe water, toilet, and sanitation; indigents living below the food threshhold; and the unemployed.

Representatives of the different NGAs also presented their respective “Menu of Programs”, which contained the agencies’ ready-made BUB projects on offer. The LPRAT huddled to select from these menus the right projects to implement so as to achieve poverty reduction in 2017.

The LPRAP workshop is the second phase in the formulation of BUB projects.

In her message during the workshop, City Mayor Lina O. Montilla encouraged the LPRAT to continue planning and choosing the best projects in order to help the poorest of the poor of Tacurong City. She added, “It’s not the amount of money that we receive, but how we spend it for the benefit of everyone.” (Yen Robles, LGU-Tacurong)

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