LGU Tacurong awards winners for Cleanest and Greenest Barangay Search

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A program that is consistent with the vision of the late mayor Roncal Montilla and his tagline: “Ugyon, Yuhom, Tahom”, the Local Government of Tacurong City relaunched the search for Cleanest and Greenest Barangay with the intent to generate commitment and unity within the barangays. 

The winners were declared on September 18, 2021, during the celebration of the 21st Cityhood Anniversary and Talakudong Festival. 

The week-long evaluation ended on September 13 conducted by the Technical Working Group (TWG) composed representatives from different offices of the LGU. 

Clean and Green – TWG Chairman Mr. Rogelio Garcia assured the fairness in the conduct of the evaluation. 

“The TWG are from the different departments and sections of the City Government, but we have one common denominator in our judging… integrity, sincerity, and sense of fairness”, Garcia said. 

Barangay Rajah Muda bagged their 2nd consecutive 1st Place award as the Cleanest and Greenest Barangay 2021. As first placer, Rajah Muda won a plaque and a cash prize worth P75,000.00. 

Barangay San Antonio placed second, Barangay Upper Katungal landed on third place. Each of the two barangays won cash prizes amounting to P65,000.00 and P55,000.00, respectively. 

Barangay Baras and Barangay Poblacion rounded up the fourth and fifth places, respectively with each barangay receiving cash prizes amounting to P45,000.00 and P35,00”.00, respectively. 

Special Awards were also given to barangays that got the highest mark in each category of the contest. 

The winners of the Special Awards are: 

CLEAN AND GREEN GOVERNANCE – Barangay Baras                                         FUNCTIONAL SEGREGATION AND MRF – Barangay Baras                                          BEST IN COMMUNITY GARDEN – Barangay Upper Katungal                                CLEANEST AND GREENEST HOUSEHOLD – Barangay Upper Katungal | Mr. & Mrs. Clarita Gerapusco                                                                                                                    MODEL BACKYARD GARDEN – Barangay San Antonio | Mr. & Mrs. Regie Calderon           BEST IN ROADSIDE BEAUTIFICATION – Barangay San Antonio                                        MOST PARTICIPATIVE COMMUNITY – Barangay Rajah Muda                                                BEST NURSERY – Barangay Rajah Muda URBAN COMMUNITY GARDEN – INNOVATIVE – Barangay Poblacion                                                                                      CLEANEST & GREENEST BARANGAY HEALTH STATION – Barangay Tina            CLEANEST & GREENEST BARANGAY SEAT OF GOVERNANCE – Barangay New Isabela MOST IMPROVED BARANGAY – Barangay Calean 

In his message, Mayor Lino Montilla pledged to continue the Clean and Green program not just in honor of the legacy of his brother, but because it is a program that also aligns with his vision of a better Tacurong. (EDB, LGUTac-Information)                

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