LGU, stakeholders formulate Comprehensive Development Plan, Executive-Legislative Agenda

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Fifty-eight local government executive and legislative officials, employees, and sectoral representatives participated in the Planning Workshop on Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) and Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA).

The planning workshop was conducted on August 19-20, 2013 at the Palomado Training Center, Fernandez Subdivision, Tacurong City.


The group was divided into five sectors: economic, social, infrastructure, environment, and development administration.

The workshop allowed participants to identify sectoral issues and concerns, the affected populace, and corresponding policy options/strategies. Then, each sector determined their objectives and targets.

Each sectoral group planned programs, projects, activities, services, and legislative requirements for the identified issues and concerns. Also, participants identified capacity development needs and interventions; and implementation, monitoring and evaluation schemes for the planned programs.

The economic sector discussed agriculture and fisheries; veterinary services; economic enterprise and slaughterhouse; cooperative development; tourism; commerce, trade and industry; and labor and employment.

The social services sector planned for education, health and sanitation, social welfare development, protective and social justice, sports and recreation, and housing.

Infrastructure sector planned for roads and bridges; flood control and drainage; water supply; public utilities and transportation; power and communications; and government buildings and facilities.

Environmental sector discussed upland and protected areas; ecological solid waste management; air pollution regulation; toxic and hazardous waste management; waste water management; and urban environment.

Development administration discussed organization and management; LGU-NGA-NGO-CSO-PO; development planning and research; fiscal management; and legal and legislative services.

Mayor Lina O. Montilla shares her insights during the presentation of outputs.
The CDP is a six-year multi-sectoral plan that sets directions of development programs and projects for 2014 to 2019. ELA, on the other hand, is the term-based component of CDP. ELA reflects the major development thrusts and priorities towards the common vision of the city. This covers the elected officials’ 3-year term which is from 2014 to 2016. 

“This activity and the programs we have formulated stem out from our honest desire to improve the lives of the people of Tacurong,” said Mayor Lina O. Montilla during the workshop’s opening program.

The workshop was facilitated by the City Local Government Operations Officer Alberto P. Sero and the City Planning and Development Coordinating Office.

“It is our aim to develop comprehensive and integrated plans that are supportive of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals,” said CLGOO Sero.

Outputs of the planning workshop are subject to a final writeshop.

Jezereel Billano (LGU Information)

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