Barangay Lancheta is situated in the western part of Tacurong City. It is bounded by Barangay Upper Katungal in the north; Barangay New Passi in the south; Barangay Baras in the west; and Barangay Kalandagan in the east.

The terrain of Barangay Lancheta is mostly hilly, in which plantation crops and cogonal areas are located. There are few plain areas in which these were planted with rice and availed the services of the NIA.

As of 2010, Barangay Lancheta has a total population of 1,334 residents. Having two hundred eighty one (281) households, 702 are male and 632 are female.

Description Area


% of the Total Land Area
Agricultural 377 74%
Residential 10.0 1.95%
Orchard 51.5 10.06%
School Site & Brgy. Site 4.0 0.78%
Swamp 7.0 1.37%
Cogonal 62.5 12.21%
Total Land Area 512.0 100.0%
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