Barangay Kalandagan is located at the southern part of the City of Tacurong and is 6.6 kilometers away from Poblacion proper. This hilly barangay  has a total land area of 2,533 hectares—one of the largest barangays in the city. Any form of transportation can reach the barangay because it is situated along National Highway going to the Province of South Cotabato.

Description Area in Hectares Percentage from Total Land Area
Agricultural 721.50 28.48
Residential 25.00 0.99
Orchard 200.00 7.90
Forest Area 880.00 34.74
School Site 5.00 0.20
Swamp 5.00 0.20
Inland Fishpond 0.25 0.01
Grass land 691.50 27.30
Total 2,533.0 100%

Most of the early settlers in the barangay belong to the Islam faith. However, most of them left the area when a conflict emerged with Christian migrants in the early 70’s. Today, Christian settlers dominate the barangay household population. Christians comprise almost 77.90% of the household population—71 .08 % of which is Ilongo; 2.57% is Ilocano; and others 1.47%. Maguindanaons comprises 21.30% of the total population.

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