Illegal drug personalities in Tacurong surrender days before Duterte assumes office

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Heeding the PNP’s call to surrender, around 300 illegal drug personalities in Tacurong City trooped to the city gym today, June 27, for the mass oath taking rite expressing their willingness to stop their engagement in illegal drug activities.

Superintendent Ranie Hachuela, Chief of Police of Tacurong City PNP, said that he only expected around 250 persons to voluntarily take their oath but at the end of the morning activity, the number reached the 300 mark. The huge turnout, according to authorities, may be attributed to President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte’s strong stand against illegal drugs.

The PNP termed those who took their oath as ‘surfacing drug personalities’ who had either voluntarily surrendered themselves to the authorities or had been previously identified and included in the list of drug personalities.

Witnessed by the public including the barangay officials, drug personalities took their oath administered by City Mayor Lina Montilla.

Most of those who took their oath were male adults but there were also some women who even tagged along their small kids during the oath taking. Another noticeable person who took the oath was a male student in a high school uniform. His father earlier surrendered him to the police.

Despite the huge turnout however, the barangay chairpersons who were present during the oath taking, said that there are still many drug personalities in their barangays who had not appeared during the oath taking.

San Pablo had 35 persons who took the oath, the highest among the 20 barangays, but Punong Barangay John Salinas said that he expected close to a hundred who would have arrived.

Salinas said that it is now up to the police to pursue the drug personalities who did not surrender themselves.

Hachuela had set a deadline Friday last week for drug users and pushers to surrender themselves to the police station but even during the weekend, more surrenderees were presenting themselves to the authorities. The chief of police said that the barangay officials had been very supportive of the campaign.

Mayor Montilla encouraged the drug personalities to stand by to their vow of stopping their illegal drug activities. The mayor even told them that the Local Government Unit could provide skills training and livelihood assistance for those who are really committed to reform their way of life.
(Allan Freno, LGU Tacurong City Information)

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