Barangay Griño is approximately 4.5 kms from the City proper of Tacurong.

Description Area(Hectares) Percentage from the Total Land Area (%)
Agricultural 450 75.50%
Residential 59 9.89%
Orchard 7 1.18%
Forest Area 72 12.08%
School Site 5 .85%
Swamp 3 .5%
Total Land Area 596 100%

Barangay Griño’s area is plain which is why it is suited for growing rice and vegetables.

Barangay Gansing is an Ilongo dominated place. Almost 90% of the population is Ilongo, and the remaining 10% belongs to other tribes such as Maguindanao, Ilocano, Cebuano and Tagalog.

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