DILG releases P3M incentive to Tacurong for Seal of Good Housekeeping

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(November 28, 2011) After being awarded the Seal of Good Housekeeping by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) earlier this year, the city government of Tacurong has already received the P3 Million incentive dubbed as Performance Challenge Fund (PCF).

DILG 12 Director Buagas Sulaik personally handed the P3M check to the city officials of Tacurong during a turnover ceremony in front of the city hall on November 28.

The PCF, given to LGUs conferred with SGH Seal, is an incentive that the LGU beneficiaries should use in the implementation of their projects. Before officially getting the PCF however, an LGU recipient has to allocate a financial counterpart (to be taken from the 20% component of the LGU’s Internal Revenue Allotment), of the same amount or more. The LGU is also required to complete at least 40 percent of the project before DILG releases the fund.
The PCF Technical Working Group of the LGU identified the road concreting in Barangay Upper Katungal as the project for the PCF, and after going through the process, started and completed the 40 percent of the concreting in October.
Tacurong is one of the only five cities in the Philippines, and the only one from Mindanao, belonging to the 4th to 6th class to be conferred with the award this 2011.
The other awardees for the cities category are Alaminos, Pangasinan; Candon, Ilocos Sur; Passi, Iloilo; and Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Tacurong and the rest of the awardees belong to the 2nd batch of SGH recipients this year. They are joined by municipalities belonging to the 4th to 6th class stamped also with SGH seal.
The Seal of Good Housekeeping is a mechanism comprising a set of criteria aimed at recognizing Local government Units (LGUs) with good performance in internal housekeeping particularly in the areas of Planning, Sound Fiscal Management, Transparency and Accountability, and Valuing Performance Management.
Among the key components of the SGH criteria are compliance to the mandates of the Anti-Red Tape Act as well as to the Full Disclosure Policy of the DILG. Further, LGUs stamped with Good Housekeeping Seal should have “no adverse” report from the Commission on Audit, which means that they should have complied with all the requirements of the government’s auditing agency.
Emphasis is also given to the LGU’s compliance to the mandates of the Anti-Red Tape Act.
Tacurong was evaluated in May by a team from DILG Regional Office. Several data were gathered from offices concerned; interviews were conducted; and even the records of the local police station were checked as to the peace and order condition of the locality.
After passing the regional evaluation, Tacurong made it through the National Table Assessment and Validation, and subsequently stamped with SGH Seal.
“I am very happy with the most recent award we received, but then again ,we only have to work harder; after all, this is what we, public servants, are expected to do,” Mayor Montilla said. (Allan S. Freno)
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