City Government pushes for safe circumcision in barangays

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No Guts, No Glory.
This was proven to be true by 1059 boys from the 20 Barangays of Tacurong City who went on to avail the free “Operation Tuli” conducted on April 25- May 10, 2011, spearheaded by the city government of Tacurong. It was first organized by the former city mayor Hon. Lino Montilla  last 2008 and pushed through by his sister, our first lady mayor, Hon. Lina Montilla together with Hon. Joseph George Lechonsito, Dr. Felipe Laranjo, Sandig Medical Group and consenting volunteers.
This project of the city government does not focus only on satisfying our men’s ever-anticipated desire to finally become real men but it is also centered to offer Tacurongnons an alternative and modern way of circumcision aside from the traditional one which is believed to bring about infections and other untoward inconveniences. Aside from having it done in a more sanitary way, the men in-charge of the operation like Dr. Felipe Laranjo of Sandig Hospital are also trained for it and do have necessary knowledge and experience upon which the city officials can confide and assure that the patient would be safe. They also gave free medicines, syrup medicines for young boys’ ages 10 years and below and capsule medicines for 10 years and above, good for three days.
“Nami jud ni nga proyekto sa gobyerno kay imbes magasto pa kami pampatuli, parehas sa akoa duwa akong apo, ang ibayad namu sa hospital ibakal nalang namu og bugas”, said Mrs. Gumban a bonifide resident of Upper Katungal when I ask her about this project.
Truly, this is a great job of the city government, considering the cost of the same operation in private hospitals which amounts to P1, 500 covering the medications and all other necessities.
For this, the people of goodwill had already saved voughly P 1,588,500 for availing the ten-day “Operation Tuli”. [Elvie Jean Aniversario (SPES Grantee)]
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