City Birthing Home to give away 1,000 kits for moms & newborn babies

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Starting April, mothers who will give birth in the City Birthing Home will receive newborn kits for free.

One thousand (1,000) kits were formally turned over by Mayor Lina O. Montilla, Vice Mayor Joseph George Lechonsito, and Councilor Rodrigo Jamorabon to the City Birthing Home personnel on April 10, 2015.

Each kit contains: alcohol, baby soap, cotton, cotton buds, adult and baby diapers, baby linen, mittens, socks, cap, and baby shirt.
Funds used for the purchase of said kits were sourced out from PhilHealth Maternal Care Package (MCP) reimbursements.

“We hope that when the 1,000 kits run out, we will be able to purchase new ones for more mothers who will give birth in this facility,” said Montilla.

Tacurong Birthing Home

(LGU Tacurong City)


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