Brgy officials to get CSC eligibility after 3-year term

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(October 2, 2012) Elected and appointed barangay officials who had completed a three-year term in office can now apply for grant of Barangay Officials Eligibility (BOE) before the Civil Service Commission (CSC).  

            CSC Sultan Kudarat Field Office Director Ma. Josefina Gepte-Buenbrazo shared this update in a radio interview as part of the month-long celebration of Philippine Civil Service Anniversary in September.
            In a bid to ease the requirements on the grant of Barangay Officials Eligibility (BOE), the CSC issued Memorandum Circular No. 13 that based the grant of eligibility strictly on completion of term of office. The circular repeals the old one issued by CSC in 2006 requiring the aggregate five-year service as qualification for the grant of BOE.
            The new circular states that the relaxation to the rule “is an act of goodwill by the government for the services of barangay officials to the community”. The revised circular also favors Sangguniang Kabataan Chairpersons, who, “despite completion of their three-year term of office, were restrained from availing of the BOE grant for not meeting the previous aggregate five-year service requirement”.
            The new requirement for eligibility is granted to the following barangay officials: elected Punong Barangay, Sangguniang Barangay Kagawad, Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson, appointed Barangay Secretary, and Barangay Treasurer.
            For appointive barangay officials, the circular prescribes that Barangay Secretaries and Treasurers who are “related up to the 4th degree of consanguinity, or of affinity, shall not qualify for the grant of BOE”. Said appointive barangay officials applying for grant of BOE are required to submit notarized affidavit stating that they are not related up to 4th degree of consanguinity, or of affinity to the appointing Punong Barangay.
Some of the documentary requirements before the BOE can be granted include properly accomplished CSC form, correct photos, valid identification cards, copy of applicant’s birth certificate as authenticated by the National Statistics Office (NSO), marriage certificates for married women applicants, and certification of no pending administrative cases. 

            Meanwhile, Director Buenbrazo said that qualified barangay officials aspiring to convert to BOE their completed terms of office must personally apply in their office situated at the Old Capitol Building in Isulan. (Allan Freno)
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