Tacurong City 1st Bird Festival Photo Blog Contest

Tacurong Bird Fest Photo Blog

Criteria for Judging

30% Visual Aesthetics    Design elements, color scheme, organization, site layout, originality, sharpness and vibrancy of photos

25% User-Friendliness   Easy navigation, usability, readability, easy page loading

25% Reading Enjoyment  Useful & interesting content, good discussion, voice and tone of the blog

20% Overall Experience   Overall ‘read-worthiness’


  • This contest is open to the public (residents and non-residents of Tacurong City).
  • Joining the contest is FREE (no registration fees will be collected).
  • Interested photographers/bloggers must register online on or before May 4, 2015.
  • The LGU will only accept the first fifteen individuals who will register on or before May 4.
  • To register, submit your details through PM (personal message) to www.facebook.com/lgutacurongcity.

Tacurong Bird Fest Photo Blog Contest: Name, Age, Address, Contact #, Blog Address

  • The contest includes a free tour and overnight camping (May 9-10) at the Baras Bird Sanctuary. Free transportation will be provided by the LGU.
  • Each participant must post an entry on their respective blogs and submit the links on or before May 12, 2015. All entries must be made via blog post.
  • Theme: Be aware! I love and protect birds and nature.
  • The blog must also contain information and photos that positively align with the theme of the Tacurong City 1st Bird Festival.
  • Emphasis must be given to facts and figures as well as the aesthetics of the Bird Sanctuary.
  • Each blog entry must be 500-1000 words with 5-10 of their best photos during their stay in the sanctuary. The entry must contain key words such as Baras Bird Sanctuary, Tacurong City. These key words must also be ‘hashtagged’.
  • Photos must be in full color. Photos in Black and White or in Sepia are not allowed.
  • Nudity, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, gruesome, and violent photos are automatically disqualified.
  • Photos should not include watermarks, frames, or other markings on the photo, such as the date and time of the entry.
  • All entries must be the original work and owned by the participant and must not have been used or published in any media or posted online for whatever purpose.
  • Original .jpg files of the photos posted on each blog must be submitted to LGU Tacurong through email: cityoftacurong@yahoo.com
  • The organizer reserves the right to cancel the contest in the event that an insufficient number of entries of suitable quality are submitted.
  • LGU-Tacurong City and Department of Tourism XII shall have the right to publish or use all photo/blog entries, winning or non-winning, for promotional purposes with due acknowledgement of the original owner.

 On Camping:

  1. Participants must bring their camping tents. Dinner (May 9) and breakfast (May 10) will be provided by the LGU.
  2. Participants must be at the City Hall Building on the first day of the Festival, May 8 at 2PM. They may also opt to attend the opening of the Bird Festival on May 9, 9AM at NDTC College.
  3. All participants will be ferried from the City Hall to the Baras Bird Sanctuary (vice versa) by LGU vehicles. They will be provided with individual identification cards.
  4. Upon arrival, participants will be briefed with the Bird Sanctuary rules and regulations. After, participants will be taken to a guided tour by the Sanctuary Caretaker. By then, they can start taking photos for the contest.
  5. Participants are allowed to take photos anytime during their stay as long as they adhere to the Sanctuary rules and regulations.
  6. Participants will leave the Sanctuary at 9AM, May 10.
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