Be in the groove for Talakudong 2014

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September is setting in and the weather seems just a bit confusing. But worry not!

If you have your hats ready, it could be all you need to be in the groove for Talakudong Festival 2014. Surely, your hat, like the native ‘kudong’, will shield you from the piercing heat of the sun and even from late afternoon drizzles.

Rain or shine, Tacurongnons will celebrate the city’s 14th founding anniversary with the supreme festival highlight, the Talakudong Lumbayag sa Dalanon (street dancing) and Kiaykiay sa Talakudong (field demonstration) on September 18. Talakudong Festival 2014 carries the theme Talakudong: Ipasundayag ang Imo Katahum.

But paving the way to the highlight are other Talakudong 2014 festivities you surely would not want to miss.


On September 11, Tacurong City streets will bloom with colorful head gears created and worn by participants coming from different schools, government offices, and non-government organizations. The head gear parade is a creative way to pay homage to Tacurong’s history. According to oral history, Tacurong got its name from ‘talakudong’—a native head covering used by farmers and early settlers in the area.

The parade will start right after the ecumenical mass and Mayor Lina O. Montilla’s declaration of festival opening at the city hall grounds. Talakudong Festival 2014 opening salvo is dubbed as Pagtamyaw.


There is much to discover in Tacurong. This city has hidden gems among its people and its environment. Eureka moments will surely come to you during the Pagtukib (Explore Tacurong) events: Igpat sang Kamera Photo Contest (Sept 11-18). Dogs’ Day (Sept 12, 6AM, Tacurong Sports Center); Kantahan ng Kabataan (Sept 12, 3PM, City Hall Grounds); Sikad Talakudong-Bicycle Tour (Sept. 13, 4AM); Scooter Motocross (Sept. 13, 8AM, Integrated Public Terminal); Talakudong Half Marathon (Sept. 14, 4AM, City Hall Grounds); Dancesport Competition and Panami-ay-Painting & Salakot Decorating Contest (Sept. 15, 9AM, Old Municipal Building).

Also a Pagtukib event is the search for the Munting Mutya ng Tacurong on Sept. 14, 6PM at the Tacurong City Cultural and Sports Center (TCCSC). On September 16, witness how 11 ladies vie for the title of Lin-ay sang Talakudong 2014 (Mutya ng Tacurong) at TCCSC, 7PM.


Tacurongnons surely love sports, even inviting teams from different places to stretch some muscles and witness action. Talakudong Inter-agency/Barangay Basketball Tournament has already opened last August 15 and will run until Sept. 10.

The Talakudong Inter-agency Volleybal Tournament also started on August 26. To know who will prevail among the teams from in and out of the city, witness the championship games on Sept. 18.

Expect mind-blowing exhibitions during the Talakudong Inter-school and Open Sepak Takraw Tournament. This tournament will run from Sept. 3-6.

Want more?

Talakudong Under 15 & Open Category 7-A-Side Soccer Tournament is on Sept. 6-7. Dart Tournament will be on Sept. 13-14 while the Lawn Tennis Tournament is on Sept. 13-14 and 18.


A festival is always a happy gathering. The Talakudong Fair will offer you and your friends with good food, souvenirs, local products and even jobs!

Tiangge & Trade Fair and the Kalan-an sa Plaza is up from Sept. 11-18. A showdown of the most exciting ornamental plant varieties (Ornamental Plants Show) will also be staged from Sept 11-18.

The Producers’ Fair, which will showcase the locals’ skills and goods, will run from Sept. 15 to 18.

On Sept. 17, the LGU will gather local and overseas employment agencies for the Talakudong Job Fair. Be sure to prepare your resume or biodata!


Throughout the years, LGU-Tacurong City has been known for its excellence in governance, having received various recognitions from organizations and from the national government.

In the spirit of public service, a free surgical mission will be conducted from Sept 1 to 18 at the Sandig Medical Clinic and Hospital. Free surgeries will be performed to members of indigent families in the city.

And, rounding up the 14th Cityhood Anniversary is the State of the City Address (SOCA) of Mayor Lina O. Montilla on September 18, 5:30PM at TCCSC. After this, barangay and city officials will fill the night with music during the barn party-themed ABC (Association of Barangay Councils) Night.

To be in the groove, you need a hat and a good memory of the schedule! And make sure you are ready for Tacurongnons’ warm welcome, rain or shine.

For more information, visit (LGU-Tacurong City Information)

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