Barangay Baras is located on the southwestern part of the Municipality of Tacurong, approximately 10 kilometers away from the Poblacion. It is bounded on the north by Barangay Upper Katungal, on the east by Barangay Lancheta, on south by Barangay New Passi and Rajah Muda and on the east by the Municipality of Isulan.

Description Area(Hectares) %Total Land Area
Agricultural 702 92.85%
Residential 43 5.70%
School site 6 .79%
Swamp 5 .66%
Total Land Area 756 100%

Barangay Baras is predominantly a Hiligaynon-speaking barangay. Ilongos from Iloilo and Capiz comprise 98.56% of the total population. Other tribes are Cebuano (0.62 %), Maguindanaon (0.48%), Ilocano (0.31%) and Tausug (0.03%).

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