2013 Igpat Sang Kamera dares landscape photographers

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              Discover Tacurong!
            This is the challenge of the City Government of Tacurong to all landscape photography enthusiasts as it launches the 2013 Igpat sang Kamera Photo Contest.
            The Igpat sang Kamera-Discover Tacurong Landscape Photography Category is open to all enthusiasts nationwide. Photo entries must capture the city’s rural and urban landscapes at daytime or night time. Photographs must have been taken not earlier than August 13, 2013. Each participant may only submit a minimum of three and a maximum of 5 photo entries on or before September 6, 2013. Photo entries in 8” x 12” color prints must be submitted to the Tri-Media Office, 2nd floor City Hall Building, Tacurong City.
            Photo enthusiasts are also encouraged to witness and capture Talakudong Festival highlights. Photos for Talakudong Festival Category must have been taken during festival activities and highlights on September 11-18, 2013. To know more about the guidelines, visit igpatsangkamera2013.wordpress.com or Goodwill Tacurong on Facebook.
            Igpat sang Kamera Photo Contest is now on its third year. This is the annual photography contest sponsored by the City Government in line with the celebration of the City’s Foundation Anniversary dubbed as Talakudong Festival every 18th of September.  

Jezereel Billano (LGU-Information)
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